Hybrid Options

Years 1-4: 1/2 of these classes are taken online and 1/2 is classroom and hands-on. These classes qualify as California Electrical Trainee (ET) classes allowing a trainee to work in the trade while attending the classes. These classes are perfect for the trainees who are on the road, or have too many commitments, and are not readily available to attend regularly scheduled classes at one of our may training facilities.

In addition to the online component, students are required travel from time to time to one of Eden Area ROP, Electrical Training's many facilities to take tests and to complete the hands on components of the course.

The cost of these classes is $500.00 per trimester and $400.00 for the summer term, that includes all of the material online, testing, and lab fees.

Hybrid notice

Note: Hard copies of the online text are available upon request for an additional $100.00 fee.

Year 5: Fifth year classes are not available in our hybrid format. They are classroom only and run $500.00 per trimester and include books.