CE Option B: Industrial Topics (32 hours online) $275.00

This option is suggested for commercial electricians and/or industrial electricians who would like to improve their skills in the areas of motor calculations, motor maintenance, motor controls, and hazardous locations. This is an online course that will give journeymen 32 hours of continuing education required to renew their state certification and consists of the following:

Motor Calculations -- Covers single and multi-motor calculations to enable the trainee to size conductors, overcurrent protection, and overload protection for motor applications.
Overcurrent Protection -- Provides information on selection and proper use of overcurrent protection.
Basic Motor Controls -- Provides information on selecting, sizing, and installing motor controllers. Also covers control circuit pilot devices and basic relay logic.
Hazardous Locations -- Covers all classes of hazardous locations and includes seals, components, and equipment approved for use in various hazardous locations.

Note: Online hours are approximate and may take slightly more or less time depending on the speed of the student. Each student will be given credit for 32 hours of CE upon completion.

The price for this 32 hour CE class is $275.00 -- for more information, call 800.678.6669

CE notice

Please note, that in order to pass a module review questions in the classroom area, you must score 70% or better. If you do not pass, there is a $20.00 fee to have the test reset so that you can take it again. Please follow the instructions in the CE Quick Start Guide (you will receive a copy of this guide with your confirmation letter). If followed, your chances of not passing a test are greatly reduced.